Why in the world would two 40 year old schlubs want to put themselves out here for the world to see?   Why would we want you to see our half dressed, sweaty bodies?  Our workout numbers?  The shit we eat?

Because we need accountability.

We are two average guys who have been using Crossfit as our means of working out for two years. Simply put, we are looking to get better.  We have no aspirations to make it to Regionals.  Quite frankly, we stand a better chance of winning The Lottery.  However, we are committed Crossfit athletes looking to improve our strength and endurance, so we can be the healthiest people we can be.  We are dads, husbands, a chiropractor, a school counselor, a Health Coach, baseball coach, soccer coach, and a Level 1 Crossfit Coach.

This blog is our accountability measure.  It’s a place to post our daily workouts accompanied by or daily results.  Our programming is a combination of WOD’s  from Crossfit Carmel as well as an occasional Crossfit Football workout thrown in.

Our goals are simple:

1.  Reduce our body fat percentage.
2.  Increase our endurance.
3.  Get stronger.

No matter how you stumbled upon this page, feel free to leave us a comment if you have something to say or ask.


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