June 29, 2012

Team Workout at CFC

Team wod 5k Run/Row. There must be at least 1 person on each team rowing. All athletes can run/row at same time. Time is cumulative so add total time it takes the group to complete the 5k. Each must decided the distances each athlete will run or row before the wod starts and they must stick to them.

Once the 5k is completed the team will rest 5 minutes then…

Each team member must select one of these named wods to complete by themselves and the time from each named wod will also be cumalative. (The wods MUST BE COMPLETED RX’d if at all possible)


One response to “June 29, 2012

  1. Rowed while partner ran. Did 1,250 m in just over 4 min. (forgot to write down time). Did Annie for workout in 8:04. All DU unbroken. Situps difficult for me. Abs worn out. Slow with them. Nowhere near PR but good workout.

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