WOD: Wednesday …

3 rounds
400m Run
21 KB swings 50/35
12 pull-ups


2 responses to “WOD: Wednesday …

  1. Helen: 11:26 PR from three weeks ago by 19 seconds.

    Really worked on the following:

    1. Running: Took first run at a pace where I was barely not able to hold a conversation. Round 1: 1:46 Round 2: 2:00, so focused on finishing Round 3 in 2:00 and did just that.

    2: Unbroken KB swings. Rd. 3 was hard, but did it.

    3. No, absolutely NO breaks b/t movements.

    4. Break up the pull ups from the beginning. Did sets of 2-3, got off bar, then right back on after a big breath. Pull ups are most definitely my weak point.

    Very happy with how I approached the WOD. Really discovered something about having focus coming into a WOD and having points to work on. Looking forward to this approach from now on.

  2. 11:35

    Running on a bad knee felt pain and had to jog through the all three 400 m rounds. One time I had to pull up knee brace because of sweaty slippage.

    1st round 21kb swings were unbroken and 12 pull-ups were unbroken.
    2nd round 21 kb swings were unbroken and went 6 and 6 pull-ups.
    3rd round stopped at 15 on kbs and then went 3 sets of 4 pull-ups.

    Overall last time I did Helen I was hungover and it was a competition. I scored in the 13 minute range. So I was happy about this one. Next time goal is unbroken everything through it all, under 10 minutes is the goal.


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